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My upstairs heat pump was not heating as it should. I explained the symptoms to Bill over the phone. He told me what he thought it probably was based on my description. He said they would there before long to take a look at it. It was early in the morning and he wasn’t at his computer yet and needed to check their schedules. He called back with in a few minutes and said he could be there in about 1/2 hour. Sure enough Bill arrived as promised. He trouble shot the problem and verified that the problem was what he had thought it was. The unit was an “off” brand and the part was hard to locate. He called several places and finally located one at a parts house about 40 miles away. He drove there and came straight back. Installed the part and had the unit fixed within a few hours. I couldn’t ask for better service. Friendly, courteous, and I thought very reasonably priced. Thank you Bill for the very quick service. Jim
Jim Cooper
Youngsville, NC, US
Great service- Have used Pillar and Sons 2 times and got quick and honest service with very reasonable prices. I strongly recommend them. Dan
Youngsville, NC, US
Jim, I had a heat pump issue and was stubborn to call the service professional fearing that I would be charge for unnecessary repair. After a week of reading and self troubleshooting, I decided to call Pillar and Sons. I was very pleased with the service received. Bill was on time, very knowledgeable, and very trustworthy. Within 10 minutes of trouble-shooting, Bill was able to get my heatpump working again. He even went an extra mile into explaining the problem, the cause of the problem,and also perform minor maintenance in which he saw as a potential issue if not address now. In the end, the bill of the repair was lower than what I had expected. If you are looking for someone you can trust, I would highly recommend Pillar and Sons any day. Thank you very much for your help. Amnat
Raleigh, NC, US
I’m normally a bit skeptical about references for service companies I read on the web. Someone reading this might be just as skeptical about my reference here, but I’m writing it anyway. We have lived with substandard airflow in our house for 3 years. The original builder did not do a great job (up to code, but that was it) on the system, and it’s not generally something you notice until you’ve lived in a house through the seasons. Example – the master bathroom would need to be at 62 degrees for the rest of the upstairs bedrooms to be livable. I’d tried to move some dampers myself in the airducts, but to no avail. I looked around the web, and decided to call around for an estimate on having someone come out to take a look. I left a message with one company who never called me back. Another never returned my email inquiry. Bill Pillar answered my phone call on the second ring, and listened patiently as I described my situation for about 5 minutes. He scheduled someone to come out for 3 hours later (on a Saturday). Owing to a longer earlier project, they didn’t make it out until around 4 hours later, but I was still impressed that they made it out on the same day on such short notice. Jason (the technician who came out) discovered that the two dampers I’d tried to manipulate myself were broken – they’d never worked, so A) I wasn’t crazy and B) the problem could be fixed. We scheduled a follow up visit, and dampers were replaced and some of our airflow was improved. Not great, but improved over what it had been. During a follow up call, Bill Pillar called to see how things were. I expressed that things had been improved, but we’d hoped it could have been a bit better. He made an appointment to come out this week (just a few days after the call) to come personally inspect it and worked with Jason to make things *great*. Bill and Jason took the time to explain what they’d done, what the limitations (based on the current architecture of the house and cooling system are) and what our other options were (no high pressure selling or anything of the nature we sometimes get with other home service companies). In short (if you made it this far) the pricing was reasonable, workmanship was good, service was great, attention to detail was good, patience with clueless homeowner like me was great, and follow up and commitment to our satisfaction was great. I’m not sure one could ask for much more in a local service company, and I was glad to have stumbled on their company. If you have other questions, please reach me at 919-827-4724 or mgkimsal@gmail.com.

Youngsville, NC, US
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the WONDERFUL and unheard of customer service that you have provided for our family over the past year. We will look no further for our HVAC repair and maintenance needs! Thank you again for recognizing that people need service quickly and efficiently when it is extremely hot or cold and their air or heat isn’t working! You will be highly recommended by this COMPLETELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!
Dena Walters
Wake Forest, NC, VI
Pillar and Sons is one of the most reliable, understanding and prompted companies I have worked with over the 10 years living in the RTP area. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needs/wants trustworthy honest service.
draczniak106 Posted 8/26/07
Great Service. Posted by atomgiant on 02/15/2008. Bill and his son Jason just stopped by my house to work on an issue with my downstairs heating. I have both a heat pump and backup gas furnace which can be tricky to work on. Within less than 5 minutes they got to the bottom of the issue and even found an issue with my upstairs heating that I didn’t know about. The pricing was reasonable and the level of service was very high. I would highly recommend them. Tom
Great Service! Posted by rfin12 on 08/01/2008 My air conditioning went out one day. I called Pillar and Sons at 7:30 AM. By 9:45 AM my A/C was working again. Great Service!
An Extremely satisfied client. Posted by Rusty0001 on 08/30/2007. Bill has been the most responsive home service business owner I have ever encountered. He even made a house call on Sunday over the July 4th holiday weekend (in the evening, no less) when my air conditioning went out. He has never failed to solve a problem, even the most unusual and diagnostically difficult situations. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Bonus: He’s as honest as the day is long.
Outstanding company and individuals. These guys came in and found an error that another HVAC company had made. They fixed this problem inside of a few minutes that had been costing us 100′s of dollars a month in unnecessary heating. We are now on their maintenance program and are very pleased not only with the service, but the knowledge and experience that they bring to the table. They are very friendly and trustworthy. They came highly recommended to us and we would highly recommend them to you.
Happy Customer. With the heat setting records, we were in need of a quick fix because our air conditioner was not cooling properly. We called Pillar and Sons and their prompt, professional service helped us stay cool in these extreme conditions. We would recommend their services to any of our friends and family.
Wow, we made the correct choice! We had visitors from out of town at our house when our air conditioning went out.We are new to the area and didn’t know where to turn. After calling 3 other companies, who were also highly recommended, Pillar And Sons were the only company who answered their phone on a Saturday afternoon! They offered to close the office to come out that day! We ended up having them come the next morning (Sunday) and they were punctual and professional. They gave us honest answers and gained our trust immediately. We were truly impressed and wouldn’t call anyone else again! Thanks so much!
Saved us from buying new air conditioners! Pillar and Sons saved us thousands of dollars! When we bought our house we were told the HVAC systems were kaput and would need to be replaced. We had Bill in to take a look at our units, and inside of 2 hours he had found a bunch of wiring and installation problems on our dual zone system. We were so impressed we signed up for their regular maintenance plan. That was 4 years ago. Since then we haven’t had a single failure on our heat or air conditioning. Bill recently installed some ultraviolet lights into our air system, and it has completely eliminated a mold smell we’ve had in our house since we bought it. It also drastically cut down my wife’s allergies. Thanks Bill!
Bill posted
Great Service – Great Value. In the middle of July, my AC unit decided to die. I called Pillar & Sons based on the reviews I saw here. I set-up an appointment for 2 that afternoon, and like clockwork they arrived just as promised. They began troubleshooting the unit. There was an electrical issue with the variable speed fan. Parts were difficult to loacate and very expensive, and Pillar & Sons were able to get the parts under warranty which was a pleasant surprise. I was very happy with the service, the promptness (always made the scheduled appts), and the costs. Final charges were about 1/2 of what I expected. If you value service that a family run business can provide, I highly recommend Pillar & Sons.
Hello Bill, Just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied we are with you and your company. It is sometimes hard to find trustworthy businesses that put the costumer first. Pillar and Sons has proven to us that we come first. Thank you, Eddy
Thank You! I am writing to thank you for your help in getting my air conditioner fixed. Your knowledgeable and courteous technician was fast at diagnosing the problem, and he got to my place on time. I was renting an apartment at the time while on vacation and just picked you out of the yellow pages. Boy, I got lucky! Thank you again.
I am so glad that I found Pillar HVAC. Bill, Rita and Jason have been nothing short of miracle workers! Also, they saved me lots of money! They were there for me in the summer – the hottest days of August 2009 too. Jason came out and was great! They were there for me too – in the winter 2009-2010. I mean there for me. I was without heat and the temp that nite was going to drop into the 20′s. The first cold cold night of the winter. I spoke with Rita and Bill told them of my dyer situation NO HEAT – and bamm Jason was there to save the day again! I can’t say enough great things about this company – except call them! They will be there to help! Honest hardworking folks! Regards ~Phyllis
Wake Forest , NC, US
Bill Pillar is the man to call! When our AC decided to quit (didn’t even give me 2 weeks notice)lol my wife suggested to call them. Wow, was she right. Took care of the problem that day. Climbing in and out of the attic, which had to of been 115 degrees, didn't slow him down. Bottom line, got the job done. Being in the trades myself, this group knows their stuff.
Wake Forest , North Carolina, US
We have only had but wonderful experience with Pillar & Sons HVAC. I highly recommend them. They have been servicing our systems for over 7 years now. You will not be disappointed because they care about what they do and their reputation and most of all their customers. Please call on them now and ask for BILL or Jason
Thanks you so much Pillar and Sons. Today June 4, 2010 is my birthday, I just got done working 12 hours night shift, I am leaving for Atlantic City, NJ at noon and I have two dogs which my neighbor is watching at the house. I get home from work and my AC does’nt work. I did’nt know what to do. Pillar and Sons fit me in there extremely busy schedule to come out and help me. I will never forget this and the great customer service I received. What a great company!!!! He fixed the problem,now I can go on vacation and worry less. I would 100 percent recommend Pillar and Sons for any of my heating of AC problems. Again thanks so much for helping me out.
Chris Bal
raleigh, nc, US
We’ve had excellent service for past three years and have just added our third home with a two year contract.
Dennis Chapman
Wake Forest, NC, US
I was referred to Pillar and Sons through a friend. Mr. Pillar gave me an appointment on Monday, four days after I called. The appointment was for 11 am and his son showed up at 10 am. He diagnosed the problem, fixed it and then went about finding out what caused the problem in the first place. He checked connections and tightened the culprit connection. I have heat!! The price I paid was extremely reasonable. Good job guys. I have found my new HVAC company.
Jack Libby
Knightdale, NC, US
We used Pillar and Sons today and are very pleased! Right on time and great service. Felt very comfortable with them. We made the best choice! We will definately use them again.
cary, nc, US
Please contact David McCray for routine yr. maintenance on air conditioning – to provide pricing quote. Since David is Visually Impaired – I’ll mention Chewey’s name to receive the extra 10% discount. Thank you. 919-832-1211.
Lee or David McCray
Raleigh, NC, US
Mr. Pillar came out to our home after our air conditioner runnith over from the attic down to our first floor. Not only did he respond quickly, he repaired our air conditioner and provide services for a great price. I highly recommend Pillar & Sons.
Wake Forest, NC, US
Had a problem with our sunroom heat pump/a/c and called Bill based on location and reviews. He offered me some basic troubleshooting advice but was not able to resolve problem. He was running late and called to let me know. Once he arrived he was able to determine the problem in just a few minutes and had the system working again in short order. His pricing was very fair and I will definitely use Bill again and gladly recommend his services.
Bernd Munzenmayer
youngsville, nc, US
We have relied on the professional HVAC service of Pillar and Sons for the past several years. They have always provided prompt service at a very reasonable rate. I recommend their service for anyone that has a question about or need for HVAC service and/or repairs.
Dennis Chapman
Wake Forest, NC, US
You guys are great! Our HVAC went out just as we were heading out of town. You were able to come out quickly and fix the system for a very reasonable price. You are knowledgeable, professional, and trust-worthy. Thanks so much!
Danielle Merritt-Sunseri
Raleigh, NC, US
I have had a great experience working with Pillar & Sons! I find them to be very knowledgeable and honest! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of HVAC services.
Layne A Summerfield
Raleigh, North Carolina, US
Outstanding Service! I found Pillar and Son on Google and called them at 9am to schedule an appointment to have them look at my “hot” AC unit. Bill was at my house by 11:30am and had my AC “cool” again in no time. His knowledge and honesty saved me a lot of $. I highly recommend Pillar and Sons!!
Janine Webster
Wake Forest, NC, US
I have called this company twice and both times same day service. Great and friendly! I now have them on speed dial because they will always get my business. Thanks guys for being there when the temp outside was a 100!
I’ve never had an issue with my AC before, so I was nervous about who should I call for service that won’t take advantage of me. My AC froze and Jason came out to take a look. He was very nice, explained some things I could do in the future, and in the end only had to fill up some freon. Now my AC works great again, it didn’t cost me $100′s of dollars, and I know who to call next time I have an issue for sure
Scott Loeb
Raleigh, NC, US